The Luxembourg library network

The Luxembourg National Library (BnL) took the initiative of establishing a network linking a large number of Luxembourg’s libraries in 1985.
The network currently has a total of 83 members, which include academic/university and research libraries, school libraries, public and specialized libraries.

The network is coordinated by the Luxembourg National Library, which ensures the maintenance and development of the IT and management tools that are used in common by the network members. These tasks are carried out in close cooperation with the CTIE (Centre des technologies de l’Information de l’Etat [Luxembourg State Information Technology Centre]).

The joint network catalogue combines the resources of all the member libraries and makes them easily accessible to the public. The members contribute to the joint catalogue, mainly using its cataloging and circulation functions, as well as other related tools and services. Direct access to the joint catalogue and its contents is made available via the search-tool (including contents of the digital library and the Consortium Luxembourg’s

Services offered by the library network

The team:

  • Assists and supports new network members especially during the different phases of the membership application process
  • Provides and updates a webpage/blog with online documentation and resources (
  • Visits its member libraries for in situ assistance (acquisition, display of their resources, barcode equipment and labels etc.)
  • Supervises and monitors the cataloging and indexing performed by network librarians
  • Organises workshops and training at different levels for network librarians/staff
  • Implements new services for its members in cooperation with the IT, cataloguing and indexing departments of the National Library.


Martine Mathay, Christel Kayser, Jackie Dupont,

Florence Buhler, Jacqueline Rippert, Annick Stein, Vicky Pelkes

For further questions or requests please contact:

Bibliothèque nationale du Luxembourg
Division du réseau des bibliothèques luxembourgeoises
37D avenue John F. Kennedy
L-1855 Luxembourg

Portail de recherche unifié est l’outil de recherche unifié qui donne un accès direct aux catalogues des bibliothèques du réseau ainsi qu’aux contenus des bibliothèques numériques de la BnL et du Consortium Luxembourg. vous permet de visualiser rapidement la liste de vos résultats de recherche, de consulter les notices bibliographiques, les tables des matières et les images de couverture. Grâce aux options de filtrage, vous avez la possibilité d’affiner vos résultats et de choisir parmi différents supports imprimés ou numériques : livres, périodiques, documents audiovisuels, gratuitement empruntables ou directement accessibles en ligne.